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  • What has an ass to do with decorum and piety? How should an ass know (anything about) reverence and fear and hope? 3860
  • خر کجا ناموس و تقوی از کجا  ** خر چه داند خشیت و خوف و رجا 
  • (Real) intelligence consists in being safe (from temptation) and in the desire to act justly towards (every) woman and towards (every) man; but where is (such) intelligence (to be found)?
  • عقل باشد آمنی و عدل‌جو  ** بر زن و بر مرد اما عقل کو 
  • And if I run away and go to the women, I should fall into tribulation like Joseph.
  • ور گریزم من روم سوی زنان  ** هم‌چو یوسف افتم اندر افتتان 
  • Joseph suffered imprisonment and torment at the hands of a woman: I should be divided amongst fifty gibbets.
  • یوسف از زن یافت زندان و فشار  ** من شوم توزیع بر پنجاه دار 
  • Those women in their foolishness would attach themselves to me, and (then) their nearest and dearest (relatives by blood or marriage) would seek my life.
  • آن زنان از جاهلی بر من تنند  ** اولیاشان قصد جان من کنند 
  • I have no means of escape either from men or women: what can I do, since I belong neither to these nor to those?” 3865
  • نه ز مردان چاره دارم نه از زنان  ** چون کنم که نی ازینم نه از آن 
  • After (making) that (complaint) the boy looked at the youth and said, “He is quit of trouble by reason of the two (or three) hairs (on his chin).
  • بعد از آن کودک به کوسه بنگریست  ** گفت او با آن دو مو از غم بریست 
  • He is independent of the bricks and of quarrelling over the bricks and of a wicked young ruffian like you who would sell (prostitute) his own mother.
  • فارغست از خشت و از پیکار خشت  ** وز چو تو مادرفروش کنک زشت 
  • Three or four hairs on the chin as a notice are better than triginta lateres circa culum.” [Three or four hairs on the chin as a notice are better than thirty bricks around the buttocks.”]
  • بر زنخ سه چار مو بهر نمون  ** بهتر از سی خشت گرداگرد کون 
  • One atom of the shade (protection) of (Divine) favour is better than a thousand endeavours of the devout pietist,
  • ذره‌ای سایه‌ی عنایت بهترست  ** از هزاران کوشش طاعت‌پرست