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  • Men are enslaved by thy sword, while women are the chattels of thy cloudless moon.
  • گشته مردان بندگان از تیغ تو  ** وان زنان ملک مه بی‌میغ تو 
  • (If) thou wilt dwell with me, ’twill be my fortune: by union with thee my soul will be made (equal to) a hundred (enraptured) souls.
  • پیش ما باشی تو بخت ما بود  ** جان ما از وصل تو صد جان شود 
  • Both I (myself) and my kingdom are thine to hold as thine own, O thou who in high aspiration hast abandoned kingdoms!”
  • هم من و هم ملک من مملوک تو  ** ای به همت ملک‌ها متروک تو 
  • He reasoned with him for a long time, and he (Imra’u ’l-Qays) kept silence, (till) suddenly he unveiled the mystery.
  • فلسفه گفتش بسی و او خموش  ** ناگهان وا کرد از سر روی‌پوش 
  • Think what (secrets) of love and passion he (must have) whispered into his ear! Immediately he made him a crazy wanderer like himself. 3995
  • تا چه گفتش او به گوش از عشق و درد  ** هم‌چو خود در حال سرگردانش کرد 
  • He (the king of Tabúk) took his hand and accompanied him: he too renounced his throne and (royal) belt.
  • دست او بگرفت و با او یار شد  ** او هم از تخت و کمر بیزار شد 
  • These two kings went to distant lands: not once (only) has Love committed this crime.
  • تا بلاد دور رفتند این دو شه  ** عشق یک کرت نکردست این گنه 
  • It (Love) is honey for the grown-up and milk for children: for every boat it is (like) the last bale (which causes the boat to founder).
  • بر بزرگان شهد و بر طفلانست شیر  ** او بهر کشتی بود من الاخیر 
  • Besides these two, many kings, (kings) beyond number, hath Love torn from their kingdoms and families.
  • غیر این دو بس ملوک بی‌شمار  ** عشقشان از ملک بربود و تبار 
  • The souls of these three princes also were roaming around China in every direction, like birds picking up grain. 4000
  • جان این سه شه‌بچه هم گرد چین  ** هم‌چو مرغان گشته هر سو دانه‌چین