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  • Since the (individual) soul and breath have been effaced from the mote, its strife now is only the strife of the sun,
  • چون ز ذره محو شد نفس و نفس  ** جنگش اکنون جنگ خورشیدست بس 
  • (Its) natural movement and rest have gone from it—by what (means)? By means of Verily unto Him we are returning.
  • رفت از وی جنبش طبع و سکون  ** از چه از انا الیه راجعون 
  • We have returned from ourselves to Thy sea and have sucked from the source that suckled us.
  • ما به بحر تو ز خود راجع شدیم  ** وز رضاع اصل مسترضع شدیم 
  • O thou who, on account of the ghoul, hast remained in the derivatives (unessentials) of the Way, do not boast of (possessing) the fundamental principles (thereof), O unprincipled man.
  • در فروغ راه ای مانده ز غول  ** لاف کم زن از اصول ای بی‌اصول 
  • Our war and our peace is in the light of the Essence: ’tis not from us, ’tis between the two fingers (of God). 45
  • جنگ ما و صلح ما در نور عین  ** نیست از ما هست بین اصبعین 
  • War of nature, war of action, war of speech—there is a terrible conflict amongst the parts (of the universe).
  • جنگ طبعی جنگ فعلی جنگ قول  ** در میان جزوها حربیست هول 
  • This world is maintained by means of this war: consider the elements, in order that it (the difficulty) may be solved.
  • این جهان زن جنگ قایم می‌بود  ** در عناصر در نگر تا حل شود 
  • The four elements are four strong pillars by which the roof of the present world is (kept) upright.
  • چار عنصر چار استون قویست  ** که بدیشان سقف دنیا مستویست 
  • Each pillar is a destroyer of the other: the pillar (known as) water is a destroyer of the flames (of fire).
  • هر ستونی اشکننده‌ی آن دگر  ** استن آب اشکننده‌ی آن شرر 
  • Hence the edifice of creation is (based) upon contraries; consequently we are at war for weal and woe. 50
  • پس بنای خلق بر اضداد بود  ** لاجرم ما جنگییم از ضر و سود