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  • Worldly dominion is lawful (only) to those who indulge the body: we (lovers) are devoted to the everlasting kingdom of Love.
  • ملک دنیا تن‌پرستان را حلال  ** ما غلام ملک عشق بی‌زوال 
  • He (the prince) is Love's agent: do not deprive him of his employment, do not let him be employed in aught but loving thee.
  • عامل عشقست معزولش مکن  ** جز به عشق خویش مشغولش مکن 
  • The office (business) that veils me from (the sight of) thy face is the very essence of unemployment, though it is called ‘office.’
  • منصبی کانم ز ریت محجبست  ** عین معزولیست و نامش منصبست 
  • The cause of (his) delay in coming hither was lack of capability and defect of skill.”
  • موجب تاخیر اینجا آمدن  ** فقد استعداد بود و ضعف فن 
  • (If) you go into a mine without (having) capability, you will not gain possession of a single grain (of gold), 4425
  • بی ز استعداد در کانی روی  ** بر یکی حبه نگردی محتوی 
  • Tanquam vir veneri inhabilis qui virginem emit: ea, etsi pectus argenteum (candidum) sit, frui quo pacto poterit? [Like an impotent man who buys a virgin (for a slave): even if she is a silver-breasted (beauty), how can he enjoy (her sexually)?]
  • هم‌چو عنینی که بکری را خرد  ** گرچه سیمین‌بر بود کی بر خورد 
  • (The incapable man is) like a lamp without oil or wick that gets neither much nor little from the (flaming) taper.
  • چون چراغی بی ز زیت و بی فتیل  ** نه کثیرستش ز شمع و نه قلیل 
  • (If) one who cannot smell enter a garden, how should his brain (nose) be delighted by the fragrant herbs?—
  • در گلستان اندر آید اخشمی  ** کی شود مغزش ز ریحان خرمی 
  • Tanquam formosa et venusta hospita viri debilis; (and) like the sound of a harp or lute in the ears of the deaf; [Like a beautiful (and) charming woman (who is) the guest of a feeble (impotent) man; (and like) the sound of a harp or lute in the ears of the deaf;]
  • هم‌چو خوبی دلبری مهمان غر  ** بانگ چنگ و بربطی در پیش کر 
  • (And) like the land-bird that falls into great waters: what should it find there but death and perdition? 4430
  • هم‌چو مرغ خاک که آید در بحار  ** زان چه یابد جز هلاک و جز خسار