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  • He (the prince) said, “Capability too is imparted by the King: how should the body be made capable without (the intervention of) the soul?”
  • گفت استعداد هم از شه رسد  ** بی ز جان کی مستعد گردد جسد 
  • (Then) the favours of the King did away with his anguish: he had gone to hunt the King: he became the King's prey.
  • لطف‌های شه غمش را در نوشت  ** شد که صید شه کند او صید گشت 
  • (The announcer said), “Whosoever goes in chase of a quarry like thee does not catch his quarry till he is himself caught.” 4440
  • هر که در اشکار چون تو صید شد  ** صید را ناکرده قید او قید شد 
  • ’Tis certain that every seeker of princedom is thrown into captivity before (he gains) it.
  • هرکه جویای امیری شد یقین  ** پیش از آن او در اسیری شد رهین 
  • Know that what is depicted on this mundane frontispiece is preposterous: every slave to the world is named “lord of the world.”
  • عکس می‌دان نقش دیباجه‌ی جهان  ** نام هر بنده‌ی جهان خواجه‌ی جهان 
  • O wrong-thinking perversely-acting body, thou that hast enthralled a hundred thousand freemen,
  • ای تن کژ فکرت معکوس‌رو  ** صد هزار آزاد را کرده گرو 
  • Abandon this guileful plotting for a time: live free a few moments ere thou die;
  • مدتی بگذار این حیلت پزی  ** چند دم پیش از اجل آزاد زی 
  • For if, like the (heavily-laden) ass, thou hast no way of attaining to freedom, thy movement, like that of the bucket, can only be (down) into the well. 4445
  • ور در آزادیت چون خر راه نیست  ** هم‌چو دلوت سیر جز در چاه نیست 
  • Go, take leave of my spirit for awhile: go, seek another companion instead of me.
  • مدتی رو ترک جان من بگو  ** رو حریف دیگری جز من بجو 
  • My turn is finished: set me free, espouse another, (beguile) some one else.
  • نوبت من شد مرا آزاد کن  ** دیگری را غیر من داماد کن