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  • People think I keep gold in it, and because of these (false) opinions charity is withheld from me.
  • خلق پندارند زر دارم درون  ** داد واگیرند از من زین ظنون 
  • The appearance of the chest is very pleasing, but it is quite empty of goods and silver and gold. 4485
  • صورت صندوق بس زیباست لیک  ** از عروض و سیم و ز خالیست نیک 
  • (’Tis) like the person of a hypocrite, (one who is) handsome and dignified; (but) in the basket you will find nothing except a snake.
  • چون تن زراق خوب و با وقار  ** اندر آن سله نیابی غیر مار 
  • To-morrow I will take the chest into the street and burn it in the midst of the market at the cross-ways,
  • من برم صندوق را فردا به کو  ** پس بسوزم در میان چارسو 
  • That true believer and Zoroastrian and Jew may see there was nothing in this chest but (cause for) cursing.”
  • تا ببیند ممن و گبر و جهود  ** که درین صندوق جز لعنت نبود 
  • “O husband,” cried the woman, “come now, give up this (idea)!” (However), he swore several times that he would do just as he had said.
  • گفت زن هی در گذر ای مرد ازین  ** خورد سوگندان که نکنم جز چنین 
  • Early (next morning) he (went) like the wind, fetched a porter, and immediately put the chest on his back. 4490
  • از پگه حمال آورد او چو باد  ** زود آن صندوق بر پشتش نهاد 
  • (He set off with it, while) the cadi inside the chest shouted in an agony (of terror), “O porter! O porter!”
  • اندر آن صندوق قاضی از نکال  ** بانگ می‌زد که ای حمال و ای حمال 
  • The porter looked to the right and the left to see from what direction the shouts and warnings were coming.
  • کرد آن حمال راست و چپ نظر  ** کز چه سو در می‌رسد بانک و خبر 
  • “I wonder,” said he, “is it a hátif, this voice which is calling me, or is it a peri (jinní) summoning me mysteriously?”
  • هاتفست این داعی من ای عجب  ** یا پری‌ام می‌کند پنهان طلب