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  • The source of its heat lies beyond the realm of space: the seven Hells are (but) a smoke (rising) from the sparks of its fire.
  • معدن گرمیست اندر لامکان  ** هفت دوزخ از شرارش یک دخان 
  • Setting forth how Hell will say, when the Bridge Sirát is (laid) over it (at the Resurrection), “O believer, pass more quickly across the Sirát! Quick, make haste, lest the greatness of thy light put out my fire,” (according to the Tradition), “Pass, O believer, for lo, thy light hath extinguished my fire.”
  • در بیان آنک دوزخ گوید کی قنطره‌ی صراط بر سر اوست ای مومن از صراط زودتر بگذر زود بشتاب تا عظمت نور تو آتش ما را نکشد جز یا مومن فان نورک اطفاء ناری 
  • For this reason, O sincere man, Hell is enfeebled and extinguished by the fire of Love.
  • زآتش عاشق ازین رو ای صفی  ** می‌شود دوزخ ضعیف و منطقی 
  • It says to him (the believer), “Pass speedily, O respected one, or else my fire will be destroyed by thy flames.”
  • گویدش بگذر سبک ای محتشم  ** ورنه ز آتش‌های تو مرد آتشم 
  • Behold how this breath (of Love) dissolves infidelity, which alone is the brimstone of Hell! 4610
  • کفر که کبریت دوزخ اوست و بس  ** بین که می‌پخساند او را این نفس 
  • Quickly entrust thy brimstone to this passion (of Love), in order that neither Hell nor (even) its sparks may assail thee.
  • زود کبریت بدین سودا سپار  ** تا نه دوزخ بر تو تازد نه شرار 
  • Paradise (too) says to him, “Pass like the wind, or else all that I possess will become unsalable;
  • گویدش جنت گذر کن هم‌چو باد  ** ورنه گردد هر چه من دارم کساد 
  • For thou art the owner of the (whole) stack, (while) I am (but) a gleaner: I am (but) an idol, (while) thou art (all) the provinces of China.”
  • که تو صاحب‌خرمنی من خوشه‌چین  ** من بتی‌ام تو ولایت‌های چین 
  • Both Hell and Paradise are trembling in fear of him (the believer): neither the  one nor the other feels safe from him.
  • هست لرزان زو جحیم و هم جنان  ** نه مر این را نه مر آن را زو امان 
  • His (the prince's) life sped away and he found no opportunity to cure (his passion): the waiting consumed him exceedingly and his soul could not endure it. 4615
  • رفت عمرش چاره را فرصت نیافت  ** صبر بس سوزان بدت وجان بر نتافت 
  • For a long time, gnashing his teeth, he suffered this (agony): ere he attained, his life reached its end.
  • مدتی دندان‌کنان این می‌کشید  ** نارسیده عمر او آخر رسید