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  • See how the wind passes through the mouth, coming and going at every moment in advance and retreat.
  • باد را اندر دهن بین ره‌گذر  ** هر نفس آیان روان در کر و فر 
  • The throat and teeth are in no danger from it; (but) when God commands, it attacks the teeth;
  • حلق و دندان‌ها ازو آمن بود  ** حق چو فرماید به دندان در فتد 
  • (And then) a (mere) atom of wind becomes (like) a mountain and heavy, and toothache keeps him (the sufferer) miserable and ill. 4685
  • کوه گردد ذره‌ای باد و ثقیل  ** درد دندان داردش زار و علیل 
  • This is the same wind that used to pass by harmlessly: it was the life of the crops and it became the death of the crops.
  • این همان بادست که امن می‌گذشت  ** بود جان کشت و گشت او مرگ کشت 
  • The hand of the person who (formerly) kissed thy hand—in the moment of anger that hand becomes a mace.
  • دست آن کس که بکردت دست‌بوس  ** وقت خشم آن دست می‌گردد دبوس 
  • He (who has toothache) cries from his soul, “O Lord! O Lord! Take away this wind, O Thou whose aid is besought (by all)!
  • یا رب و یا رب بر آرد او ز جان  ** که ببر این باد را ای مستعان 
  • O mouth, thou wert heedless of this wind: (now) go and betake thyself to asking pardon of God with utter abasement.”
  • ای دهان غافل بدی زین باد رو  ** از بن دندان در استغفار شو 
  • His hard eye (now) sheds tears like rain: (only) pain causes the unbelievers to call unto God. 4690
  • چشم سختش اشک‌ها باران کند  ** منکران را درد الله‌خوان کند 
  • Since thou hast not received the breath (inspiration) of (holy) men from a (holy) man, hark, receive the Divine inspiration from pain.
  • چون دم مردان نپذرفتی ز مرد  ** وحی حق را هین پذیرا شو ز درد 
  • The wind says, “I am a messenger from the King of mankind: now I bring good news, now calamitous and bad;
  • باد گوید پیکم از شاه بشر  ** گه خبر خیر آورم گه شوم و شر