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  • How many more goadings and cudgellings does it suffer that it may cross the desert (unaccompanied and) alone! 515
  • چند سیخ و چند چوب افزون خورد  ** تا که تنها آن بیابان را برد 
  • That ass is saying to you (implicitly), ‘Take good heed! Don't travel alone like this, unless you are an ass!’
  • مر ترا می‌گوید آن خر خوش شنو  ** گر نه‌ای خر هم‌چنین تنها مرو 
  • Beyond doubt he who cheerfully goes alone into the custom-house will go more cheerfully (when he is) with companions.
  • آنک تنها خوش رود اندر رصد  ** با رفیقان بی‌گمان خوشتر رود 
  • Every prophet (that walked) on this straight road produced evidentiary miracles and sought fellow-travellers.
  • هر نبیی اندرین راه درست  ** معجزه بنمود و همراهان بجست 
  • Were it not for the help given by the walls, how should houses and magazines arise?
  • گر نباشد یاری دیوارها  ** کی برآید خانه و انبارها 
  • If each wall be separated (from the others), how shall the roof remain suspended in the air? 520
  • هر یکی دیوار اگر باشد جدا  ** سقف چون باشد معلق در هوا 
  • If no help be given by ink and pen, how shall the writing come on to the surface of the paper?
  • گر نباشد یاری حبر و قلم  ** کی فتد بر روی کاغذها رقم 
  • If this rush-mat which some one is spreading were not joined together (interwoven), the wind would carry it away.
  • این حصیری که کسی می‌گسترد  ** گر نپیوندد به هم بادش برد 
  • Since God created pairs of every kind, therefore (all) results are produced by means of union.”
  • حق ز هر جنسی چو زوجین آفرید  ** پس نتایج شد ز جمعیت پدید 
  • He (the fowler) spoke (on one side) and it (the bird) spoke (on the other side): their debate on this subject was prolonged by the vehemence (with which they argued).
  • او بگفت و او بگفت از اهتزاز  ** بحثشان شد اندرین معنی دراز