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  • Inasmuch as the (Divine) Emperor increased their fortune exceedingly, no mountain can carry their merchandise.
  • بس که افزود آن شهنشه بختشان  ** می‌نتاند که کشیدن رختشان 
  • The Story of Bilál's crying “One! One!” in the heat of the Hijáz, from his love for Mustafá (Mohammed), on whom be peace, in the forenoons when his master, (impelled) by Jewish fanaticism, used to flog him with a thorny branch under the (blazing) sun of the Hijáz; and how at (each) blow the blood spurted from Bilál's body, and (the words) “One! One!” escaped (from his lips) involuntarily, just as sobs escape involuntarily from others stricken with grief, because he was (so) full of the passion of love (that) there was no room for any care about relieving the pain of the thorns to enter (his heart). (His case was) like (that of) Pharaoh's magicians and Jirjís and others (who are) innumerable and beyond computation.
  • قصه‌ی احد احد گفتن بلال در حر حجاز از محبت مصطفی علیه‌السلام در آن چاشتگاهها کی خواجه‌اش از تعصب جهودی به شاخ خارش می‌زد پیش آفتاب حجاز و از زخم خون از تن بلال برمی‌جوشید ازو احد احد می‌جست بی‌قصد او چنانک از دردمندان دیگر ناله جهد بی‌قصد زیرا از درد عشق ممتلی بود اهتمام دفع درد خار را مدخل نبود هم‌چون سحره‌ی فرعون و جرجیس و غیر هم لایعد و لا یحصی 
  • That Bilál was devoting his body to the (scourge of) thorns: his master was flogging him by way of correction,
  • تن فدای خار می‌کرد آن بلال  ** خواجه‌اش می‌زد برای گوشمال 
  • Saying, “Why dost thou celebrate Ahmad (Mohammed)? Wicked slave, thou disbelievest in my religion!”
  • که چرا تو یاد احمد می‌کنی  ** بنده‌ی بد منکر دین منی 
  • He was beating him in the sun with thorns (while) he (Bilál) cried vauntingly “One!” 890
  • می‌زد اندر آفتابش او به خار  ** او احد می‌گفت بهر افتخار 
  • Till (at last) those cries of “One!” reached the ears of the Siddíq (Abú Bakr), who was passing in that neighbourhood.
  • تا که صدیق آن طرف بر می‌گذشت  ** آن احد گفتن به گوش او برفت 
  • His eyes became filled with tears and his heart with trouble, (for) from that “One!” he caught the scent of a loving friend (of God).
  • چشم او پر آب شد دل پر عنا  ** زان احد می‌یافت بوی آشنا 
  • Afterwards he saw him (Bilál) in private and admonished him, saying, “Keep thy belief hidden from the Jews.
  • بعد از آن خلوت بدیدش پند داد  ** کز جهودان خفیه می‌دار اعتقاد 
  • He (God) knows (all) secrets: conceal thy desire.” He (Bilál) said, “I repent before thee, O prince.”
  • عالم السرست پنهان دار کام  ** گفت کردم توبه پیشت ای همام 
  • Early next day, (when) the Siddíq was going quickly in that district on account of some affair, 895
  • روز دیگر از پگه صدیق تفت  ** آن طرف از بهر کاری می‌برفت 
  • He again heard (cries of) “One!” and (the sound of) blows inflicted by the (scourge of) thorns: flames and sparks of fire were kindled in his heart.
  • باز احد بشنید و ضرب زخم خار  ** برفروزید از دلش سوز و شرار