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  • آن چنان دیوانگی بگسست بند ** که همه دیوانگان پندم دهند 1385
  • Such a madness has broken the bonds (of my reason) that all madmen would give me admonition.
  • آمدن دوستان به بیمارستان جهت پرسش ذو النون مصری
  • How friends came to the madhouse for Dhu ’l-Nún—may God sanctify his honoured spirit!
  • این چنین ذو النون مصری را فتاد ** کاندر او شور و جنونی نو بزاد
  • It so happened to Dhu ’l-Nún the Egyptian that a new agitation and madness was born within him.
  • شور چندان شد که تا فوق فلک ** می‏رسید از وی جگرها را نمک‏
  • His agitation became so great that salt (bitterness) from it was reaching (all) hearts up to above the sky.
  • هین منه تو شور خود ای شوره خاک ** پهلوی شور خداوندان پاک‏
  • Beware, O (thou of) salty soil, do not put thy agitation beside (in comparison with) the agitation of the holy lords (saints).
  • خلق را تاب جنون او نبود ** آتش او ریشهاشان می‏ربود
  • The people could not endure his madness: his fire was carrying off their beards.
  • چون که در ریش عوام آتش فتاد ** بند کردندش به زندانی نهاد 1390
  • When (that) fire fell on the beards of the vulgar, they bound him and put him in a prison.
  • نیست امکان واکشیدن این لگام ** گر چه زین ره تنگ می‏آیند عام‏
  • There is no possibility of pulling back this rein, though the vulgar be distressed by this way.
  • دیده این شاهان ز عامه خوف جان ** کاین گره کورند و شاهان بی‏نشان‏
  • These (spiritual) kings have seen (themselves in) danger of their lives from the vulgar; for this multitude are blind, and the kings (are) without (a visible) mark.
  • چون که حکم اندر کف رندان بود ** لاجرم ذو النون در زندان بود
  • When authority is in the hands of profligates, (a) Dhu ’l-Nún is inevitably in prison.
  • یک سواره می‏رود شاه عظیم ** در کف طفلان چنین در یتیم‏
  • The great king rides alone! Such a unique pearl in the hands of children!