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  • هان بگو لاحولها اندر زمان ** از زبان تنها نه بلک از عین جان‏
  • Beware! say at once “God help me!” again and again, not with tongue alone but from your very soul.
  • تتمه قصه مفلس
  • The end of the story of the insolvent.
  • گفت قاضی مفلسی را وانما ** گفت اینک اهل زندانت گوا
  • The Cadi said, “Show plainly that you are insolvent.” “Here are the prisoners,” he replied, “as thy witnesses.”
  • گفت ایشان متهم باشند چون ** می‏گریزند از تو می‏گریند خون‏
  • “They,” said the Cadi, “are suspect, because they are fleeing from you and weeping blood (on account of your ill-treatment of them);
  • از تو می‏خواهند هم تا وارهند ** زین غرض باطل گواهی می‏دهند 645
  • Also, they are suing to be delivered from you: by reason of this self-interest the testimony they give is worthless.”
  • جمله اهل محکمه گفتند ما ** هم بر ادبار و بر افلاسش گوا
  • All the people belonging to the court of justice said, “We bear witness both to his (moral) degeneracy and his insolvency.”
  • هر که را پرسید قاضی حال او ** گفت مولا دست ازین مفلس بشو
  • Every one whom the Cadi questioned about his condition said, “My lord, wash thy hands of this insolvent.”
  • گفت قاضی کش بگردانید فاش ** گرد شهر این مفلس است و بس قلاش‏
  • The Cadi said, “March him round the city for all to see, (and cry), ‘This man is an insolvent and a great rogue.’
  • کو به کو او را مناداها زنید ** طبل افلاسش عیان هر جا زنید
  • Make proclamations concerning him, street by street; beat the drum (as an advertisement) of his insolvency everywhere in open view.
  • هیچ کس نسیه بنفروشد بدو ** قرض ندهد هیچ کس او را تسو 650
  • Let no one sell to him on credit, let no one lend him a farthing.
  • هر که دعوی آردش اینجا به فن ** بیش زندانش نخواهم کرد من‏
  • Whosoever may bring here a claim against him for fraud, I will not put him in prison any more.