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  • تو خلافش کن که از پیغمبران ** این چنین آمد وصیت در جهان‏
  • Do thou oppose her, for such (is the) injunction (that) has come from the prophets in the world.
  • مشورت در کارها واجب شود ** تا پشیمانی در آخر کم بود
  • It becomes necessary to take counsel concerning things to be done, so that there may not be repentance in the end.
  • گفت امت مشورت با کی کنیم ** انبیا گفتند با عقل امیم‏
  • The community said, “With whom shall we take counsel?” The prophets answered, “With intellect, (which is) the Imám (leader).”
  • گفت گر کودک در آید یا زنی ** کاو ندارد عقل و رای روشنی‏ 2270
  • He (the questioner) said, “(But) if a child should come in, or a woman who has no clear understanding or judgement.”
  • گفت با او مشورت کن و انچه گفت ** تو خلاف آن کن و در راه افت‏
  • “Take counsel with her,” said he (the prophet), “and do the contrary of what she bids (thee), and go thy way.”
  • نفس خود را زن شناس از زن بتر ** ز انکه زن جزوی است نفست کل شر
  • Know that your fleshly soul is woman and worse than woman, because woman is a part (of evil), but your fleshly soul is evil entire.
  • مشورت با نفس خود گر می‏کنی ** هر چه گوید کن خلاف آن دنی‏
  • If you take counsel with your fleshly soul, oppose that vile one (in) whatsoever she may say.
  • گر نماز و روزه می‏فرمایدت ** نفس مکار است مکری زایدت‏
  • If she bid you pray and fast-the fleshly soul is a great plotter, she will bring some plot against you to birth.
  • مشورت با نفس خویش اندر فعال ** هر چه گوید عکس آن باشد کمال‏ 2275
  • (When you take) counsel with your fleshly soul concerning (your) actions––whatsoever she tells (you to do), the reverse of that is perfectly right.
  • بر نیایی با وی و استیز او ** رو بر یاری بگیر آمیز او
  • (If) you cannot cope with her and her contumacy, go to a friend and mix with him.