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  • من چو مرغ اوجم اندیشه مگس ** کی بود بر من مگس را دست‏رس‏
  • I am as a bird of the zenith, thought is a gnat: how should a gnat have power over me?
  • قاصدا زیر آیم از اوج بلند ** تا شکسته پایگان بر من تنند
  • Purposely I come down from the lofty zenith, that those of base degree may attain to me.
  • چون ملالم گیرد از سفلی صفات ** بر پرم همچون طیور الصافات‏
  • When disgust at the qualities of the low (world) seizes me, I soar up like the birds which spread their pinions.
  • پر من رسته ست هم از ذات خویش ** بر نچسبانم دو پر من با سریش‏
  • My wings have grown out of my very essence: I do not stick two wings on with glue.
  • جعفر طیار را پر جاریه ست ** جعفر عیار را پر عاریه ست‏ 3565
  • The wings of Ja‘far-i Tayyár are permanent; the wings of Ja‘far-i Tarrár are borrowed (unreal and transitory).
  • نزد آن که لم یذق دعوی است این ** نزد سکان افق معنی است این‏
  • In the view of him that has not experienced (it), this is (mere) pretension; in the view of the inhabitants of the (spiritual) horizon, this is the reality.
  • لاف و دعوی باشد این پیش غراب ** دیگ تی و پر یکی پیش ذباب‏
  • This is brag and pretension in the eyes of the crow: an empty or full pot is all one to the fly.
  • چون که در تو می‏شود لقمه گهر ** تن مزن چندان که بتوانی بخور
  • When morsels of food become (changed to) pearls within you, do not forbear: eat as much as you can.”
  • شیخ روزی بهر دفع سوء ظن ** در لگن قی کرد پر در شد لگن‏
  • One day the Shaykh, in order to rebut (these) ill thoughts, vomited in a basin, and the basin became full of pearls.
  • گوهر معقول را محسوس کرد ** پیر بینا بهر کم عقلی مرد 3570
  • On account of the (abusive) man's little understanding, the clairvoyant Pír made the intelligible pearls objects of sense-perception.