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  • زانک دید او که نصیحت‌جو نه‌ای ** تند و خون‌خواری و مسکین‌خو نه‌ای
  • (He said this) because he perceived that thou art not one that desires good counsel, and that thou art violent and blood-drinking and not of lowly nature.
  • پادشاهان خون کنند از مصلحت ** لیک رحمتشان فزونست از عنت 2435
  • Kings shed blood for righteousness' sake, but their mercy is greater than their severity.
  • شاه را باید که باشد خوی رب ** رحمت او سبق دارد بر غضب
  • The king must have the nature of the Lord: His mercy hath precedence over His wrath.
  • نه غضب غالب بود مانند دیو ** بی‌ضرورت خون کند از بهر ریو
  • Wrath must not prevail (in the king), like (as it does in) the Devil, (so that) he sheds blood unnecessarily for the purpose of guile;
  • نه حلیمی مخنث‌وار نیز ** که شود زن روسپی زان و کنیز
  • Nor, again, (should) an effeminate mildness (prevail in him), for in consequence of that his wife and handmaids will become harlots.
  • دیوخانه کرده بودی سینه را ** قبله‌ای سازیده بودی کینه را
  • Thou hadst made thy breast a house for the Devil, thou hadst made hatred a qibla (object on which thy mind was bent).
  • شاخ تیزت بس جگرها را که خست ** نک عصاام شاخ شوخت را شکست 2440
  • Many are the hearts which thy sharp horn has wounded: lo, my rod has broken thy froward horn.
  • حمله بردن این جهانیان بر آن جهانیان و تاختن بردن تا سینور ذر و نسل کی سر حد غیب است و غفلت ایشان از کمین کی چون غازی به غزا نرود کافر تاختن آورد
  • How the people of this world attack the people of that (other) world and charge (against them) as far as the frontier, namely, generation and propagation, which is the boundary of the Unseen, and how they (the people of this world) are unaware of the ambush (prepared for them); for the infidel makes his assault (only) when the holy warrior does not go to war.
  • حمله بردند اسپه جسمانیان ** جانب قلعه و دز روحانیان
  • The army of the corporeal ones attacked in the direction of the fortress and stronghold of the spiritual ones,
  • تا فرو گیرند بر دربند غیب ** تا کسی ناید از آن سو پاک‌جیب
  • In order that they might occupy the frontier-pass of the Unseen, so that no pure spirit should come (into the world) from that quarter.
  • غازیان حمله‌ی غزا چون کم برند ** کافران برعکس حمله آورند
  • When the holy warriors do not attack in warfare, the infidels on the contrary deliver an attack.