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  • مستمع چون یافت جاذب زان وفود  ** جمله اجزااش حکایت گشته بود  1655
  • Since he found eager listeners among those who came (to hear him), all parts of him had become the story (that he was telling).
  • قال النبی علیه السلام ان الله تعالی یلقن الحکمة علی لسان الواعظین بقدر همم المستمعین 
  • The Prophet, on whom be peace, said, ‘Verily God teaches wisdom by the tongues of the preachers according to the measure of the aspirations of those who hear them.’
  • جذب سمعست ار کسی را خوش لبیست  ** گرمی و جد معلم از صبیست 
  • If any one have suave eloquence, hearing draws it out: the teacher's enthusiasm and energy are (derived) from the boy (whom he teaches).
  • چنگیی را کو نوازد بیست و چار  ** چون نیابد گوش گردد چنگ بار 
  • When the harpist who plays the four-and-twenty (musical modes) finds no ear (to listen), his harp becomes a burden;
  • نه حراره یادش آید نه غزل  ** نه ده انگشتش بجنبد در عمل 
  • Neither ditty nor ode comes into his memory: his ten fingers will not get to work.
  • گر نبودی گوشهای غیب‌گیر  ** وحی ناوردی ز گردون یک بشیر 
  • If there were no ears to receive (the message from) the Unseen, no announcer (prophet) would have brought a Revelation from Heaven;
  • ور نبودی دیده‌های صنع‌بین  ** نه فلک گشتی نه خندیدی زمین  1660
  • And if there were no eyes to see the works of God, neither would the sky have revolved nor would the earth have smiled (been gay with verdure).
  • آن دم لولاک این باشد که کار  ** از برای چشم تیزست و نظار 
  • The declaration lawláka (but for thee) means this, that the (whole) affair (of creation) is for the sake of the piercing eye and the seer.
  • عامه را از عشق هم‌خوابه و طبق  ** کی بود پروای عشق صنع حق 
  • How should the vulgar, in their love for bedfellow and dishes (of food), have any care for love of God's work?
  • آب تتماجی نریزی در تغار  ** تا سگی چندی نباشد طعمه‌خوار 
  • You do not pour tutmáj broth into a trough till there are a number of greedy dogs to drink it.
  • رو سگ کهف خداوندیش باش  ** تا رهاند زین تغارت اصطفاش 
  • Go, be the Cave-dog of His Lordship in order that His election (of you) may deliver you from this trough.