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  • چونک دزدیهای بی‌رحمانه گفت  ** کی کنند آن درزیان اندر نهفت  1665
  • When he (the story-teller) related the pitiless thefts which those tailors commit in secret,
  • اندر آن هنگامه ترکی از خطا  ** سخت طیره شد ز کشف آن غطا 
  • A Turk from Khitá (who was) amongst the crowd (audience) was exceedingly annoyed by that exposure.
  • شب چو روز رستخیز آن رازها  ** کشف می‌کرد از پی اهل نهی 
  • At night-time he (the story-teller) was exposing those secrets (of the tailors) for the benefit of the intelligent (listeners), as (plainly as secrets shall be exposed) on the Day of Resurrection.
  • هر کجا آیی تو در جنگی فراز  ** بینی آنجا دو عدو در کشف راز 
  • Wherever you come to close quarters with a wrangle, you will see there two enemies (engaged) in exposing (each other's) secret.
  • آن زمان را محشر مذکور دان  ** وان گلوی رازگو را صور دان 
  • Know that that hour (of quarrel) is (like) the (hour of the) Last Judgement mentioned (in the Qur’án), and know that the throat which tells the secret is (like) the trumpet (of Isráfíl);
  • که خدا اسباب خشمی ساختست  ** وآن فضایح را بکوی انداختست  1670
  • For God hath provided the motives of anger and (thus) hath cause those shameful things to be divulged.
  • بس که غدر درزیان را ذکر کرد  ** حیف آمد ترک را و خشم و درد 
  • When he (the story-teller) had related many instances of the perfidy of tailors, the Turk became annoyed and angry and aggrieved,
  • گفت ای قصاص در شهر شما  ** کیست استاتر درین مکر و دغا 
  • And said, ‘O story-teller, in your city who is the greatest expert in this (kind of) deceit and fraud?’
  • دعوی کردن ترک و گرو بستن او کی درزی از من چیزی نتواند بردن 
  • [How the Turk boasted and wagered that the tailor would not be able to steal anything from him.]
  • گفت خیاطیست نامش پور شش  ** اندرین چستی و دزدی خلق‌کش 
  • He replied, ‘There is a tailor named Pír-i Shush who beats (all other) folk in light-fingeredness and thievery.’
  • گفت من ضامن که با صد اضطراب  ** او نیارد برد پیشم رشته‌تاب 
  • ‘I warrant,’ said he (the Turk), ‘that (even) with a hundred efforts he will not be able to take away a coil of thread in my presence.’