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  • از وظیفه‌ی لطف و نعمت کم شده  ** خانه‌ی شادی او پر غم شده 
  • (And saw that) the allowance of favour and bounty had failed and that the house of his joy was filled with sorrow,
  • با خود آمد او ز مستی عقار  ** زان گنه گشته سرش خانه‌ی خمار 
  • He came to himself (recovered) from the intoxication caused by the wine (of egoism); (but) in consequence of that sin his head became the abode of crop-sickness.
  • خورده گندم حله زو بیرون شده  ** خلد بر وی بادیه و هامون شده 
  • He had eaten the wheat (the forbidden fruit), his celestial robe had been stripped off him, and Paradise had become for him a desert and sandy plain.
  • دید کان شربت ورا بیمار کرد  ** زهر آن ما و منیها کار کرد 
  • He perceived that that (intoxicating) draught had made him ill and that the poison of those egoistic pretensions had done its work.
  • جان چون طاوس در گل‌زار ناز  ** هم‌چو چغدی شد به ویرانه‌ی مجاز  4785
  • His soul that was (formerly) like a peacock in the (eternal) garden of delight (now) became like an owl in the wilderness of unreality.
  • هم‌چو آدم دور ماند او از بهشت  ** در زمین می‌راند گاوی بهر کشت 
  • Like Adam, he was left far away from Paradise, driving an ox on the earth for the purpose of sowing.
  • اشک می‌راند او کای هندوی زاو  ** شیر را کردی اسیر دم گاو 
  • He was shedding tears and crying, “O Hindú mighty (in craft), thou hast made the lion a captive of the cow's tail.
  • کردی ای نفس بد بارد نفس  ** بی‌حفاظی با شه فریادرس 
  • O wicked fleshly soul with thy chill breath, thou hast acted disloyally to the King who answers every call for help.
  • دام بگزیدی ز حرص گندمی  ** بر تو شد هر گندم او کزدمی 
  • In thy greed for a grain of wheat thou hast chosen (to enter) the trap, and every grain of its wheat has become a scorpion to (sting) thee.
  • در سرت آمد هوای ما و من  ** قید بین بر پای خود پنجاه من  4790
  • The vain fancy of egoism came into thy head: (now) behold a shackle weighing fifty mann on thy foot!”