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  • نوحه می‌کرد این نمط بر جان خویش  ** که چرا گشتم ضد سلطان خویش 
  • In this fashion was he mourning for his soul, saying, “Why did I become the antagonist of my sovereign?”
  • آمد او با خویش و استغفار کرد  ** با انابت چیز دیگر یار کرد 
  • (Then) he came to himself and asked pardon of God, and with his repentance he combined something else.
  • درد کان از وحشت ایمان بود  ** رحم کن کان درد بی‌درمان بود 
  • The pain that arises from dread of losing one's faith—take pity (on him who is thus afflicted), for that is the irremediable pain.
  • مر بشر را خود مبا جامه‌ی درست  ** چون رهید از صبر در حین صدر جست 
  • May no human being have a perfect (new and spotless) raiment! As soon as he is delivered from enduring (poverty) he at once seeks the seat of honour.
  • مر بشر را پنجه و ناخن مباد  ** که نه دین اندیشد آنگه نه سداد  4795
  • May no human being possess a fist and nails! (for) then he never thinks of devotion and righteousness.
  • آدمی اندر بلا کشته بهست  ** نفس کافر نعمتست و گمرهست 
  • ’Tis best for a man to be killed (mortified) in tribulation: the carnal soul is an ingrate and one that has gone astray.
  • خطاب حق تعالی به عزرائیل علیه‌السلام کی ترا رحم بر کی بیشتر آمد ازین خلایق کی جانشان قبض کردی و جواب دادن عزرائیل حضرت را 
  • How God addressed Azrael, saying, “Of all these creatures whose souls thou hast seized, whom didst thou pity most?” and the answer given by Azrael to the Lord.
  • حق به عزرائیل می‌گفت ای نقیب  ** بر کی رحم آمد ترا از هر کیب 
  • God was saying to Azrael, “O marshal, whom of all the miserable ones didst thou pity (most)?”
  • گفت بر جمله دلم سوزد به درد  ** لیک ترسم امر را اهمال کرد 
  • He replied, “My heart burns with grief for them all, but I am afraid to neglect the (Divine) command,
  • تا بگویم کاشکی یزدان مرا  ** در عوض قربان کند بهر فتی 
  • So that I should say, ‘Would that God might sacrifice me in exchange for the (generous) youth!’”
  • گفت بر کی بیشتر رحم آمدت  ** از کی دل پر سوز و بریان‌تر شدت  4800
  • God asked, “For whom didst thou feel the greatest pity? On account of whom was thy heart most filled with flame and grilled?”