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  • So with sowing and breathing (speaking) and (laying) snares and sexual intercourse: the results of those (actions) are amenable to (determined by the will of) God.
  • همچنین کشت و دم و دام و جماع ** آن موالید است حق را مستطاع‌‌
  • The saints possess power (derived) from God: they turn back from its course the arrow that has sped.
  • اولیا را هست قدرت از اله ** تیر جسته باز آرندش ز راه‌‌
  • When the saint repents, he closes the doors of the results (shuts off the results) from the cause by that hand (power) of the Lord. 1670
  • بسته درهای موالید از سبب ** چون پشیمان شد ولی ز آن دست رب‌‌
  • Through the opening of the door (of Divine grace), he makes unsaid what has been said, so that neither spit nor roast-meat is burnt thereby.
  • گفته ناگفته کند از فتح باب ** تا از آن نه سیخ سوزد نه کباب‌‌
  • He wipes out the saying from all the minds that heard it, and makes it imperceptible.
  • از همه دلها که آن نکته شنید ** آن سخن را کرد محو و ناپدید
  • O sire, if thou must needs have demonstration and proof (of this), recite “(Whatever) verse (We cancel) or cause to be forgotten. ”
  • گرت برهان باید و حجت مها ** باز خوان من آية أو ننسها
  • Read the verse “They made you forget My warning”: acknowledge their (the saints') power to put forgetfulness (in men's hearts).
  • آیت أنسوکم ذکری بخوان ** قدرت نسیان نهادنشان بدان‌‌
  • Since they are able to make (you) remember and forget, they are mighty over all the hearts of (God's) creatures. 1675
  • چون به تذکیر و به نسیان قادراند ** بر همه دلهای خلقان قاهراند
  • When he (the saint) has blocked the road of (your) mental perception by means of forgetfulness, it is impossible (for you) to act, even if there be virtue (in you).
  • چون به نسیان بست او راه نظر ** کار نتوان کرد ور باشد هنر
  • Think ye those exalted ones are a laughing-stock? Recite from the Qur’án as far as (the words) “They made you forget.”
  • خلتم سخریه اهل السمو ** از نبی خوانید تا أنسوکم‌‌