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  • He (the unbeliever) supposes that he has done me an injury; nay, he has wiped away the dust from my mirror.”
  • او گمان دارد که با من جور کرد ** بلکه از آیینه‏ی من روفت گرد
  • How the madman sought to ingratiate himself with Jálínús (Galen), and how Jálínús was afraid.
  • تملق کردن دیوانه جالینوس را و ترسیدن جالینوس‏
  • Jálínús said to his companions, “Let (one of you) give me such-and-such a medicine.” 2095
  • گفت جالینوس با اصحاب خود ** مر مرا تا آن فلان دارو دهد
  • Then said that person to him, “O master of (many) sciences, this medicine is sought (as a cure) for madness.
  • پس بدو گفت آن یکی ای ذو فنون ** این دوا خواهند از بهر جنون‏
  • Far be this from thy intellect! Say no more (about it).” He replied, “A madman turned his face to me,
  • دور از عقل تو این دیگر مگو ** گفت در من کرد یک دیوانه رو
  • Looked pleasantly on my face for a while, made little eyes at me, and plucked my sleeve.
  • ساعتی در روی من خوش بنگرید ** چشمکم زد آستین من درید
  • Had there not been in me congeniality with him, how would that ill-favoured man have turned his face towards me?
  • گر نه جنسیت بدی در من از او ** کی رخ آوردی به من آن زشت رو
  • Had he not seen (in me) one of his own kind, how should he have approached? How should he have thrown himself upon (attached himself to) one of another kind?” 2100
  • گر ندیدی جنس خود کی آمدی ** کی به غیر جنس خود را بر زدی‏
  • When two persons come into touch with each other, without any doubt there is something in common between them.
  • چون دو کس بر هم زند بی‏هیچ شک ** در میانشان هست قدر مشترک‏
  • How should a bird fly except with its own kind? The society of the uncongenial is the grave and the tomb.
  • کی پرد مرغی مگر با جنس خود ** صحبت ناجنس گور است و لحد
  • The cause of a bird's flying and feeding with a bird that is not of its own kind.
  • سبب پریدن و چریدن مرغی با مرغی که جنس او نبود
  • Said a certain sage, “I saw a crow running about in the desert with a stork.
  • آن حکیمی گفت دیدم هم تکی ** در بیابان زاغ را با لکلکی‏