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  • (That) from this standpoint they are dead and from that standpoint they are living; (that they are) silent here and speaking yonder.
  • مرده زین سو اند و زان سو زنده‌اند ** خامش اینجا و آن طرف گوینده‌اند
  • When He sends them from that quarter towards us, the rod becomes a dragon in relation to us.
  • چون از آن سوشان فرستد سوی ما ** آن عصا گردد سوی ما اژدها
  • The mountains too make a song like that of David, and the substance of iron is (as) wax in the hand.
  • کوهها هم لحن داودی کند ** جوهر آهن بکف مومی بود
  • The wind becomes a bearer for Solomon, the sea becomes capable of understanding words in regard to Moses. 1015
  • باد حمال سلیمانی شود ** بحر با موسی سخن‌دانی شود
  • The moon becomes able to see the sign in obedience to Ahmad (Mohammed), the fire becomes wild-roses for Abraham.
  • ماه با احمد اشارت‌بین شود ** نار ابراهیم را نسرین شود
  • The earth swallows Qárún (Korah) like a snake; the Moaning Pillar comes into (the way of) righteousness.
  • خاک قارون را چو ماری در کشد ** استن حنانه آید در رشد
  • The stone salaams to Ahmad (Mohammed); the mountain sends a message to Yahyá (John the Baptist).
  • سنگ بر احمد سلامی می‌کند ** کوه یحیی را پیامی می‌کند
  • (They all say), “We have hearing and sight and are happy, (although) with you, the uninitiated, we are mute.”
  • ما سمعیعیم و بصیریم و خوشیم ** با شما نامحرمان ما خامشیم
  • Forasmuch as ye are going towards (are inclined to) inanimateness (worldliness), how shall ye become familiar with the spiritual life of inanimate beings? 1020
  • چون شما سوی جمادی می‌روید ** محرم جان جمادان چون شوید
  • Go (forth) from inanimateness into the world of spirits, hearken to the loud noise of the particles of the world.
  • از جمادی عالم جانها روید ** غلغل اجزای عالم بشنوید