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  • The bird, Opinion, falling and rising, goes on with one wing in hope of (reaching) the nest.
  • افت خیزان می‌رود مرغ گمان ** با یکی پر بر امید آشیان
  • (But) when he has been delivered from Opinion, Knowledge shows its face to him: that one-winged bird becomes two-winged and spreads his wings.
  • چون ز ظن وا رست علمش رو نمود ** شد دو پر آن مرغ یک‌پر پر گشود
  • After that, he walks erect and straight, not falling flat on his face or ailing.
  • بعد از آن یمشی سویا مستقیم ** نه علی وجهه مکبا او سقیم
  • He flies aloft with two wings, like Gabriel, without opinion and without peradventure and without disputation. 1515
  • با دو پر بر می‌پرد چون جبرئیل ** بی گمان و بی مگر بی قال و قیل
  • If all the world should say to him, “You are on the Way of God and (are following) the right religion,”
  • گر همه عالم بگویندش توی ** بر ره یزدان و دین مستوی
  • He will not be made hotter by their words: his lonely soul will not mate with them;
  • او نگردد گرم‌تر از گفتشان ** جان طاق او نگردد جفتشان
  • And if they all should say to him, “You are astray: you think (you are) a mountain, and (in reality) you are a blade of straw,”
  • ور همه گویند او را گم‌رهی ** کوه پنداری و تو برگ کهی
  • He will not fall into opinion (doubt) because of their taunts, he will not be grieved by their departure (estrangement from him).
  • او نیفتد در گمان از طعنشان ** او نگردد دردمند از ظعنشان
  • Nay, if seas and mountains should come to speech and should say to him, “You are wedded to perdition,” 1520
  • بلک گر دریا و کوه آید بگفت ** گویدش با گم‌رهی گشتی تو جفت
  • Not the least jot will he fall into phantasy or sickness on account of the taunts of the scoffers.
  • هیچ یک ذره نیفتد در خیال ** یا به طعن طاعنان رنجورحال
  • Parable of a man's being made (spiritually) ill by vain conceit of the veneration in which he is held by the people and of the supplication addressed to him by those seeking his favour; and the (following) story of the Teacher.
  • مثال رنجور شدن آدمی بوهم تعظیم خلق و رغبت مشتریان بوی و حکایت معلم