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  • How should folk praise (any one) except Him who (alone) has the right (to be praised)?—but they go astray on (the ground of) a vain fancy.
  • مدحها جز مستحق را کی کنند ** لیک بر پنداشت گم‌ره می‌شوند
  • The Light of God in relation to phenomena is as a light shining upon a wall—the wall is a link (focus) for these splendours:
  • همچو نوری تافته بر حایطی ** حایط آن انوار را چون رابطی
  • Necessarily, when the reflexion moved towards its source, he who had gone astray lost the moon and ceased from praise;
  • لاجرم چون سایه سوی اصل راند ** ضال مه گم کرد و ز استایش بماند
  • Or (again) a reflexion of the moon appeared from a well, and he (the misguided one) put his head into the well and was praising that same (reflexion):
  • یا ز چاهی عکس ماهی وا نمود ** سر بچه در کرد و آن را می‌ستود
  • In truth he is a praiser of the moon, although his ignorance has turned its face towards its (the moon's) reflexion. 2130
  • در حقیقت مادح ماهست او ** گرچه جهل او بعکسش کرد رو
  • His praise belongs to the moon, not to that reflexion, (but) that (praise) becomes infidelity when the matter is misapprehended;
  • مدح او مه‌راست نه آن عکس را ** کفر شد آن چون غلط شد ماجرا
  • For that bold man was led astray by (his) perdition: the moon was above, while he fancied it was below.
  • کز شقاوت گشت گم‌ره آن دلیر ** مه به بالا بود و او پنداشت زیر
  • The people are distracted by these idols (objects of desire), and (afterwards) they repent of the lust which they have indulged,
  • زین بتان خلقان پریشان می‌شوند ** شهوت رانده پشیمان می‌شوند
  • Because he (such a one) has indulged his lust with a phantom and has remained farther away from the Reality (than he was before).
  • زآنک شهوت با خیالی رانده است ** وز حقیقت دورتر وا مانده است
  • Your desire for a phantom is like a wing, so that by means of that wing he (the seeker) may ascend to the Reality. 2135
  • با خیالی میل تو چون پر بود ** تا بدان پر بر حقیقت بر شود