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  • ’Tis as when a lion has suddenly come up and seized a man and dragged him into the jungle.
  • آنچنانک ناگهان شیری رسید ** مرد را بربود و در بیشه کشید
  • At (the moment of) that carrying off, what will he think of? Consider (this), and think of the same thing, O thou who art learned in the (Mohammedan) Religion.
  • او چه اندیشد در آن بردن ببین ** تو همان اندیش ای استاد دین
  • The lion, Destiny, is dragging into the jungles (of death) our souls which are preoccupied with (worldly) business and trades.
  • می‌کشد شیر قضا در بیشه‌ها ** جان ما مشغول کار و پیشه‌ها
  • That (case) is like (the fact) that the people (of this world) have fear of poverty, plunged (as they are) up to their throats in the briny water. 2205
  • آنچنانک از فقر می‌ترسند خلق ** زیر آب شور رفته تا به حلق
  • If they should fear the Creator of poverty, treasures would be opened to them on the earth.
  • گر بترسندی از آن فقرآفرین ** گنجهاشان کشف گشتی در زمین
  • Through fear of affliction they all are in the very essence of affliction: in their quest for (material) existence they have fallen into non-existence.
  • جمله‌شان از خوف غم در عین غم ** در پی هستی فتاده در عدم
  • Daqúqí's entreaty and intercession for the deliverance of the ship.
  • دعا و شفاعت دقوقی در خلاص کشتی
  • When Daqúqí beheld that turmoil, his pity was stirred and his tears flowed fast.
  • چون دقوقی آن قیامت را بدید ** رحم او جوشید و اشک او دوید
  • He said, “O Lord, do not look at their deeds! Take their hands (to succour them), O auspicious King!
  • گفت یا رب منگر اندر فعلشان ** دستشان گیر ای شه نیکو نشان
  • Bring them back well and safe to the shore, O Thou whose hand (power) reaches (both) sea and land! 2210
  • خوش سلامتشان به ساحل با زبر ** ای رسیده دست تو در بحر و بر
  • O Gracious One, O Merciful and Everlasting One, pass over this wickedness committed by devisers of evil!
  • ای کریم و ای رحیم سرمدی ** در گذار از بدسگالان این بدی