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  • O Thou who hast given, free of cost, a hundred eyes and ears, and, without bribe, hast dispensed intellect and understanding;
  • ای بداده رایگان صد چشم و گوش ** بی ز رشوت بخش کرده عقل و هوش
  • Who hast bestowed the gift before the merit (was existent), having suffered from us the whole (sum) of ingratitude and transgression:
  • پیش از استحقاق بخشیده عطا ** دیده از ما جمله کفران و خطا
  • O Almighty One, Thou art able to pardon our great sins in privacy.
  • ای عظیم از ما گناهان عظیم ** تو توانی عفو کردن در حریم
  • We have burnt ourselves from concupiscence and greed, and even this invocation we have learned from Thee. 2215
  • ما ز آز و حرص خود را سوختیم ** وین دعا را هم ز تو آموختیم
  • (We beseech Thee) in reverence for Thy having taught (us) to invoke (Thee) and for having lighted the lamp (of invocation) amidst darkness like this.”
  • حرمت آن که دعا آموختی ** در چنین ظلمت چراغ افروختی
  • Thus was the invocation running on his tongue at that time, like (the words of) faithful mothers.
  • همچنین می‌رفت بر لفظش دعا ** آن زمان چون مادران با وفا
  • The tears were flowing from his eyes, and that invocation was going up to Heaven from him (while he was) beside himself (unconscious).
  • اشک می‌رفت از دو چشمش و آن دعا ** بی خود از وی می بر آمد بر سما
  • That unconscious invocation is, in truth, different: that invocation is not from him (the speaker), it is spoken by the (Divine) Judge.
  • آن دعای بی خودان خود دیگرست ** آن دعا زو نیست گفت داورست
  • God is making that invocation, since he (the speaker) is naughted (faná): the invocation and the answer (to it) are (both) from God. 2220
  • آن دعا حق می‌کند چون او فناست ** آن دعا و آن اجابت از خداست
  • There is not present (at that time) the medium, namely, the created person: body and spirit (alike) are unaware of making that supplication.
  • واسطه‌ی مخلوق نه اندر میان ** بی‌خبر زان لابه کردن جسم و جان