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  • So that it will bring forth new leaves from the old (bough): the old (tale) will cause a hundred clusters to blossom from the ditch.
  • تا که از کهنه برآرد برگ نو ** بشکفاند کهنه صد خوشه ز گو
  • We are the (spiritual) physicians, the disciples of God: the Red Sea beheld us and was cloven. 2700
  • ما طبیبانیم شاگردان حق ** بحر قلزم دید ما را فانفلق
  • Those natural physicians are different, for they look into the heart by means of a pulse.
  • آن طبیبان طبیعت دیگرند ** که به دل از راه نبضی بنگرند
  • We look well into the heart without intermediary, for through clairvoyance we are in a high belvedere.
  • ما به دل بی واسطه خوش بنگریم ** کز فراست ما به عالی منظریم
  • Those (others) are physicians of food and fruit: by them the animal soul is (made) strong.
  • آن طبیبان غذااند و ثمار ** جان حیوانی بدیشان استوار
  • We are physicians of deeds and words: the ray of the light of (Divine) Majesty is our inspirer,
  • ما طبیبان فعالیم و مقال ** ملهم ما پرتو نور جلال
  • (So that we know) that a deed like this will be beneficial to thee, while a deed like that will cut (thee) off from the Way; 2705
  • کین چنین فعلی ترا نافع بود ** و آنچنان فعلی ز ره قاطع بود
  • And that words like these will lead thee on (to grace), while words like those will bring anguish to thee.
  • اینچنین قولی ترا پیش آورد ** و آنچنان قولی ترا نیش آورد
  • To those (other) physicians a (sample of) urine is evidence, whereas this evidence of ours is the inspiration of the Almighty.
  • آن طبیبان را بود بولی دلیل ** وین دلیل ما بود وحی جلیل
  • We do not desire a fee from any one: our fee comes many a time from God.
  • دست‌مزدی می نخواهیم از کسی ** دست‌مزد ما رسد از حق بسی