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  • For God's sake, for God's sake, keep far away from that castle adorned with pictures, and beware of the peril! 3635
  • الله الله زان دز ذات الصور  ** دور باشید و بترسید از خطر 
  • The front and back of its towers and its roof and floor are all (covered with) images and decorations and pictures,
  • رو و پشت برجهاش و سقف و پست  ** جمله تمثال و نگار و صورتست 
  • Like the chamber of Zalíkhá (which she made) full of pictures in order that Joseph should look upon her willy-nilly.
  • هم‌چو آن حجره‌ی زلیخا پر صور  ** تا کند یوسف بناکامش نظر 
  • Since Joseph would not look at her, she cunningly filled the room with portraits of herself,
  • چونک یوسف سوی او می‌ننگرید  ** خانه را پر نقش خود کرد آن مکید 
  • So that, wherever the fair-cheeked (youth) looked, he might see her face without having the power to choose.
  • تا به هر سو که نگرد آن خوش‌عذار  ** روی او را بیند او بی‌اختیار 
  • The peerless God hath made (all) the six directions a theatre for the display of His signs to the clairvoyant, 3640
  • بهر دیده‌روشنان یزدان فرد  ** شش جهت را مظهر آیات کرد 
  • In order that, whatever animal or plant they look upon, they may feed on the meadows of Divine Beauty.
  • تا بهر حیوان و نامی که نگزند  ** از ریاض حسن ربانی چرند 
  • Hence He said unto the company (of mystics), ‘Wheresoever ye turn, His Face is there.
  • بهر این فرمود با آن اسپه او  ** حیث ولیتم فثم وجهه 
  • If in thirst ye drink some water from a cup, ye are beholding God within the water.’
  • از قدح‌گر در عطش آبی خورید  ** در درون آب حق را ناظرید 
  • He that is not a lover (of God) sees in the water his own image, O man of insight;
  • آنک عاشق نیست او در آب در  ** صورت صورت خود بیند ای صاحب‌بصر