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  • (But) since the lover's image has disappeared in Him (the Beloved), whom now should he behold in the water? Tell (me that)! 3645
  • صورت عاشق چو فانی شد درو  ** پس در آب اکنون کرا بیند بگو 
  • Through the working of the Jealous One, they (the mystics) behold the beauty of God in the faces of the houris, like the moon (reflected) in water.
  • حسن حق بینند اندر روی حور  ** هم‌چو مه در آب از صنع غیور 
  • His jealousy is (directed) against a lover and sincere (adorer); His jealousy is not (directed) against a (human) devil and beast;
  • غیرتش بر عاشقی و صادقیست  ** غیرتش بر دیو و بر استور نیست 
  • (But) if the devil become a lover (of God), he has carried off the palm: he has become a Gabriel and his devilish nature is dead.
  • دیو اگر عاشق شود هم گوی برد  ** جبرئیلی گشت و آن دیوی بمرد 
  • (The meaning of) ‘the Devil became a true believer’ is made manifest on the occasion when by His (God's) grace a Yazíd becomes a Báyazíd.
  • اسلم الشیطان آنجا شد پدید  ** که یزیدی شد ز فضلش بایزید 
  • This topic is endless. Beware, O company (of travellers), keep your faces (safe) from that fortress! 3650
  • این سخن پایان ندارد ای گروه  ** هین نگه دارید زان قلعه وجوه 
  • Oh, let not vain desire waylay you, or ye will fall into everlasting misery.
  • هین مبادا که هوستان ره زند  ** که فتید اندر شقاوت تا ابد 
  • ’Tis a bounden duty to abstain from peril: hear disinterested advice from me.
  • از خطر پرهیز آمد مفترض  ** بشنوید از من حدیث بی‌غرض 
  • In seeking relief (from sorrow) ’tis better that one's wits should be sharp: ’tis better to abstain from (falling into) the ambuscade of tribulation.”
  • در فرج جویی خرد سر تیز به  ** از کمین‌گاه بلا پرهیز به 
  • If their father had not spoken these words and had not warned them against that fortress,
  • گر نمی‌گفت این سخن را آن پدر  ** ور نمی‌فرمود زان قلعه حذر