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  • A corner of His throne is touching you: beware, do not move a hand to act impiously or unjustly.
  • گوشه‌ی عرشش به تو پیوسته است  ** هین مجنبان جز بدین و داد دست 
  • Keep a careful watch over your own behaviour: observe that the honey is (contained) in justice and that after injustice comes the sting.”
  • تو مراقب باش بر احوال خویش  ** نوش بین در داد و بعد از ظلم نیش 
  • He (Júhí) said, “Yes, what I did is wrong, but at the same time (you must) know (the proverb) that the aggressor is the more unjust (of the two).”
  • گفت آری اینچ کردم استم است  ** لیک هم می‌دان که بادی اظلم است 
  • The deputy replied, “We are aggressors, every one of us, but notwithstanding our blackness of face we are happy,
  • گفت نایب یک به یک ما بادییم  ** با سواد وجه اندر شادییم 
  • Like the negro who is happy and pleased, (for) he does not see his face, (though) others see it.” 4535
  • هم‌چو زنگی کو بود شادان و خوش  ** او نبیند غیر او بیند رخش 
  • The altercation in bidding (for the chest) was prolonged: (finally) he paid a hundred dinars and bought it from him.
  • ماجرا بسیار شد در من یزید  ** داد صد دینار و آن از وی خرید 
  • O thou that findest wickedness agreeable, thou art always in the chest: the hátifs (voices from Heaven) and those who belong to the Unseen are redeeming thee.
  • هر دمی صندوقیی ای بدپسند  ** هاتفان و غیبیانت می‌خرند 
  • Expounding the Tradition that Mustafá (Mohammed) said, the blessings of God be upon him: “When I am the protector of any one, ‘Alí too is his protector,” so that the Hypocrites asked sarcastically, “Was not he satisfied with the obedience and service rendered by us to himself that he bids us render the same service to a snivelling child?” etc.
  • در تفسیر این خبر کی مصطفی صلوات‌الله علیه فرمود من کنت مولاه فعلی مولاه تا منافقان طعنه زدند کی بس نبودش کی ما مطیعی و چاکری نمودیم او را چاکری کودکی خلم آلودمان هم می‌فرماید الی آخره 
  • For this reason the Prophet, who laboured with the utmost zeal (in devotion), applied the name “protector” (mawlá) to himself and to ‘Alí.
  • زین سبب پیغامبر با اجتهاد  ** نام خود وان علی مولا نهاد 
  • He said, “My cousin ‘Alí is the protector and friend of every one who is under my protection.”
  • گفت هر کو را منم مولا و دوست  ** ابن عم من علی مولای اوست 
  • Who is the “protector”? He that sets you free and removes the fetters of servitude from your feet. 4540
  • کیست مولا آنک آزادت کند  ** بند رقیت ز پایت بر کند