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  • Since prophethood is the guide to freedom, freedom is bestowed on true believers by the prophets.
  • چون به آزادی نبوت هادیست  ** مومنان را ز انبیا آزادیست 
  • Rejoice, O community of true believers: show yourselves to be “free” (pure and noble) as the cypress and the lily;
  • ای گروه مومنان شادی کنید  ** هم‌چو سرو و سوسن آزادی کنید 
  • But do ye, like the gay-coloured garden, at every moment give unspoken thanks to the Water.
  • لیک می‌گویید هر دم شکر آب  ** بی‌زبان چون گلستان خوش‌خضاب 
  • The cypresses and the green orchard mutely thank the water (that nourishes them) and show (silent) gratitude for the justice of Spring:
  • بی‌زبان گویند سرو و سبزه‌زار  ** شکر آب و شکر عدل نوبهار 
  • Clad in (fresh) robes and trailing their skirts, drunken and dancing and jubilant and scattering perfume; 4545
  • حله‌ها پوشیده و دامن‌کشان  ** مست و رقاص و خوش و عنبرفشان 
  • Every part (of them) impregnated by royal Spring, their bodies as caskets filled with pearly fruit;
  • جزو جزو آبستن از شاه بهار  ** جسمشان چون درج پر در ثمار 
  • (Like) Maries, having no husband, yet big with a Messiah; silent ones, wordless and devoid of articulate expression,
  • مریمان بی شوی آبست از مسیح  ** خامشان بی لاف و گفتاری فصیح 
  • (Saying implicitly), “Our Moon hath shone brightly (upon us) without speech: every tongue hath derived its speech from our beauty.”
  • ماه ما بی‌نطق خوش بر تافتست  ** هر زبان نطق از فر ما یافتست 
  • The speech of Jesus is (derived) from the (spiritual) beauty of Mary; the speech of Adam is a ray (reflexion) of the (Divine) Breath.
  • نطق عیسی از فر مریم بود  ** نطق آدم پرتو آن دم بود 
  • (This thanksgiving of the orchard is a lesson to you) in order that from (your) thanksgiving, O men of trust, increase (of spiritual glory) may accrue; (and if ye give thanks) then other plants are (springing up) amidst the herbage. 4550
  • تا زیادت گردد از شکر ای ثقات  ** پس نبات دیگرست اندر نبات