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  • Since (as you assert) he has been transmuted, and (since) his joy is not caused by this (worldly) prison and this freedom of his (from worldly embarrassments),
  • چونک او مبدل شدست و شادیش ** نیست زین زندان و زین آزادیش
  • How, then, did he rejoice at the subjection of (his) enemies? How was he puffed up by this victory and conquest?
  • پس به قهر دشمنان چون شاد شد ** چون ازین فتح و ظفر پر باد شد
  • His soul rejoiced because he easily gained the (Divine) help and the upper hand and the victory over fierce lions (like us).
  • شاد شد جانش که بر شیران نر ** یافت آسان نصرت و دست و ظفر
  • Hence we knew that he is not free (from the bondage of the flesh), and that only on account of this world is he happy and glad at heart.
  • پس بدانستیم کو آزاد نیست ** جز به دنیا دلخوش و دلشاد نیست
  • Else, how should he laugh (at us)? for the otherworldly are compassionate and kind to the evil and the good (alike).” 4525
  • ورنه چون خندد که اهل آن جهان ** بر بد و نیک‌اند مشفق مهربان
  • Thus did those captives mutter to each other under their breath in discussing that (question),
  • این بمنگیدند در زیر زبان ** آن اسیران با هم اندر بحث آن
  • (Saying, “Beware) lest the custodian hear (us) and spring upon us and personally carry our words to the ear of that (spiritual) Sultan.”
  • تا موکل نشنود بر ما جهد ** خود سخن در گوش آن سلطان برد
  • How the Prophet, on whom be peace, became aware of their chiding him for his exultation.
  • آگاه شدن پیغامبر علیه السلام از طعن ایشان بر شماتت او
  • Though the custodian did not hear those words, they entered into the ear that was (hearing) from the presence (of God).
  • گرچه نشنید آن موکل آن سخن ** رفت در گوشی که آن بد من لدن
  • The scent of Joseph's spirit was not perceived by its keeper, but Jacob inhaled it.
  • بوی پیراهان یوسف را ندید ** آنک حافظ بود و یعقوبش کشید
  • The devils on the high front of Heaven do not hear the secret of the mystery-knowing Tablet; 4530
  • آن شیاطین بر عنان آسمان ** نشنوند آن سر لوح غیب‌دان